Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi.

Hiwi The Kiwi
On a thursday the 25th of august 2016 we had a amazing event that happened it was hiwi the kiwi. Hiwi the kiwi came and talked about safety when you are on a boat. Mr and Mrs Minstrel, they were husband and wife. When we were entering the hall I heard a person sing and playing the guitar, and it was Mr Minstrel. He was the singer and player for hiwi the kiwi . Then it was time to start they started with a song that had the national anthem.

Then it was time for learning time we were learning about fish when they finished talking, Mr Minstrel asked this question and picked this girl and told her to come up on the stage. When she was making her way up to the stage he was doing this funny voice and said” come on bobo”.  When she got onto to the stage he asked what her name is when she said her name Mr Minstrel started to  rhyme things that rhymed with her name.

Then she was finish, every time someone goes up to the stage  and  comes back they come back with a poster and a sticker. Then it was time for another song it was about fish and  it went like this “kai moana fish from the sea, kai moana to feed family, fish from the future  and there will always be, kai moana for you and me”. The song that we were singing was quite funny because of the action. I was really into the song. Then it was time for a story the story was about these three man that was on a boat.  
The three man that was on the boat had no life jacket and so they left it in the front of the boat. So off they went and started to have a good day. It was few hours until something bad happened the three men didn’t know that there was a rock under the water. They were going fast  until they hit the rock !BOOM! The boat flipped and the three men was to late to get there life jacket. They were trying to catch up to the boat but the motor was still going. And that was the story that Mr Minstrel told us and that why we have to wear a life jacket.

Then it was time to go. I felt really pleased because it was cool to learn about safety when you are on sea.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Algorithm Multiply 1 Digit Numbers.

For maths this week we have been learning to use an algorithm to multiply any number by 1 digit number. Here is some information of what we are doing for reading. For maths we are dealing with these kind of questions 4 x 78. here is the presentation of what we are doing.

Donald Trump Us Election.

This week we had a task to do with Donald Trump. For reading we are learning to compare and contrast the different between people views. Here some things that we are doing in our reading. We have reading question to do with Donald trump and facts about him. Here more information about what he is doing to make USA better again.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Strength Of The Roots

On Monday we were introduced to a new reading task and were given a story called Strength In The Roots. For our walt we were learning about language feature's such as Similes, metaphors and personification and many other language feature's. It had many descriptive writing in it. it was about this boy that lived on the island that had a tidal wave. Here is some more information about my reading task.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross Country Day.

For writing  we are writing about a very exciting task we are writing about cross country. Here is what I have started writing about cross country.

Cross Country

On a sunny day filled with brightness and clouds we had a very exciting day it was Cross country. When I came to school I was a little excited but was nervous at the same time I felt nervous because something might happen to me, like I might faint or I might come last. Finally it was time for us to go to assembly. When it was  assembly our korero was “champion never give up”.

Then it was time for us to go back to our own class. As the hours go by we were still in our class doing some work. Until it was lunch time we had to get changed and Eat our lunch. After eating we had to go out and play, then after 30 mins we had to line up in our class only the senior block. Then it was time to go to the court.

Finally we started the cross country. Before we started to run we had to let our house color sing out our chart. There was many house color there was blue called as Hine Moana , There was red called as Te Aurere, There was Green called as Hokule’a and then  there was yellow which is called hikianalia and they were all named after boats or the wakas.

We had to wait for the year 1 to go and the other years. As the year ages go pass the brightness sun started to beat me down with a hot reddish head. Finally it was the year 8 boys, turn as we entered the starting I started to grip my feet on the watery green grass. Once we stood up, waiting for the clap from Mr Burt my heart started to beat fast. Then it was time, put your legs together as Mr Burt said. “On your mark get set” As Mr Burt said.

!CLAP! As the two wood banged together. As the crowed started to cheer the year 8 boys and me started to go for the sprint, as I ran toward the first Checkpoint saying to myself “Later bro” going past some of the year 8 boys. As we started to go out the gate I was taking third place until I started to slow down. As I slowed down telling the people behind me “you can take third place”. I was saying to me you can do it so I went for it trying to not stop but my heart was play up. I keep on stopping and kept on going but finally I got back on track and went for my second lap. When I went for the first checkpoint I heard my brother cheering for me.

As I passed the first checkpoint I started to get a sore ankle so I started to jog a little and then I remembered that “ champion never give up” so I ran like I was feeling nothing. When I was running through the side I started to feel stick that was poking me on my feet. As I kept on feeling the sticks, I just kept on going and tried to not stop until I reach the soccer post.  

Finally I was nearly to the soccer post, so I started to walk but not relaxing walk I was power walking until I saw some people in front of me. So I started to run as fast as I can Finally I was nearly to the finish line when I was running to the finish line I was jogging in a medium paste, when I was running through the finish line I was talking to myself “Yeah I finally finished”. It was the most hardest day I ever had but at the same time I was excited. When cross country came up I was really happy.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Multiplying whole number by decimals

This week for math we had a hard task to do. it was maths problems about multiplying and timing decimals here is what we have been doing for maths this week.

Trip to Silicon Valley.

For writing me and the senior block had a cool task to do it was about Gabe and Saia trip to Silicon Valley. Here is what we are writing about.

Gabe And Saia Talk About Their Trip To San Francsico

When Gabe and Saia Came to talk to us about their trip. We had to pack up whatever we was doing. When we finished packing up we had to make our way to the street so they can start ,talking about there trip to Silicon Valley. Before they started they had to set up their presentation for there trip. And finally they started they started with a greeting that gabe did then they introduce them shelf. They they had started to talk about where they went to.  

They said that  they went to Khan Academy,Facebook,twitter and many more things that are used on the internet. After they were talking about what they were visiting they started to talk about what their favorite event or place they went.

Saia favorite was stanford university and facebook, Then it was Gabe turn, Gabe’s favorite was  a prison that was the most secured prison on the earth named as Alcatraz and his other favorite was Khan Academy. They were finished and ,started  to ask if there is any question , there were many question there was one question that was quite funny it was said by desmond desmond asked if they have seen anybody playing pokemon go.

Then it was time for them to go before they went they asked us “who is going to write a blog about this”. If I grow up I sure would like to do the same thing what they were doing.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Explanation of sleeping

For writing room 2 literacy class had task to do with sleep here is what me a room 2 literacy class is writing about.

Explanation about sleep.

This Explanation is about going to outline the process of sleep. The process of sleep is a cycle where our brain and minds relax,regenerate,recover and process information. Our bodies require sleep everyday so we can function to the best of our ability. We need sleep so we can function our body.

Sleeping is something that helps you to relax and to regenerate, so you are ready for the next day. Sleeping is also helpful by healing the muscle tissue,It also provides energy throughout your body and your brain, so that you can be ready for anything that is going to happen or do with fitness.

When you sleep your brain and muscles relax and sorts out things that you don’t need or need ,it is  just like a computer trash can, Every thing that is not needed might not be  remembered.

When we are sleeping we have to get about 7-8 hours of sleep, if you don’t get enough sleep you might have a mind that is like a person that is drunk, that is if you are sleeping for 6 hours, If you are sleeping for 8 hours you will have a mind like thinker. If you sleep for 4 hours then you might fall asleep in school or in a test.

You can also catch a heart disease,obesity and also diabetes  that will contain 12% high risk of death,but how ever if you sleep for 7-8 hours or more it won’t damage our brain but the disease,obesity and diabetes we be still going that will contain 30% increased risk. We also spend over 25 years of sleeping.

When you are sleeping ,you are doing a sleeping cycle,  a sleeping cycle is when you enter other sleep condition. The first thing is when you are into a deep sleep, a deep sleep is when you can not hear things and can not be woken up by people that are trying to wake you up.

When you are finished with deep sleep you revole into a lighter sleep, a lighter sleep is when you can hear things that are loud and things that hits other things, when you are in a lighter sleep you are dreaming . This is why we need to get so much sleep and to don’t have less then 7-8 hours sleep.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Bumpy Road To Rio.

For reading this week Me and my group Dr Seuss have had a task to do with
the Olympic here is what we have been working on.

Monday, 8 August 2016

How the olympic came to be remember the t.i.i.c structure

For writing we have been writing about the olympic here is a writing, of what we are writing about.
 How the olympic came to be   remember the t.i.i.c structure

The olympics is a tournament that is played by people all around the world. For the olympic there are sports like swimming,boxing and other sports. It started at 776 bc and was played only for man, Until now.

The olympic started around 1896 or 1894 There was the  frenchman named Baron pierre de coubertin who presented the idea in 1894. The olympics was the only athletic event of the games in the 13’s. It also took 1503 years for the olympic games to come back.

The olympic started in the south west of greece. Every three years about 50,000 all around greece come to watch and take part of the olympic games. In those days there no gold,silver or bronze they were given a wreath of leaves and hero’s welcome.

The waka ama Nationals

For reading we have been doing a task that is about  The olympics here is a presentation of what we are doing.