Saturday, 29 June 2013

A penguin named Dj

Once upon a time there lived a penguin named Dj. Dj lived in a very cold place called Antarctica. He loved to eat in a group of penguin that lived next to him. The penguin also lived on a small iceberg and every time he sleeps on an iceberg it gets shrinks smaller. But when it  broke Dj said, “where would I live now?” And so Dj went to this place that no one will go there  but when he went on there. He saw a group of penguins playing tiggy and having lunch. Dj was so hungry that he decided to go over and ask for some food. But sadly the penguins refuse.

Dj walked off feeling hungry and sad, that he had no one to play with. So he went out with a stroll and on the side of a mountain there was a light shining in his eyes. So he went to the lights and there was a group of penguins eating, so Dj knocked on the door and asked if he could come inside their igloo. They all answered Yes you may come in. So Dj lived with his family and never strolled off.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Jack and the Free Juice

Once there was a boy named jack and his friend was Luke. luke called him to come with him and jack saw free juice. Jack saw some children stealing some juice then jack got one and ran away. Then they went to the back of school so that they could drink there drink. But jack didnt want to drink his drink because he thought that it is the wrong thing to do. so he went to put it in his bag then he came out . To play with luke.

Friday, 21 June 2013

all about leopared seal

undersea garden


"Yay!" we have football today. We had it in the hall. We were in the hall because it was wet was cool because we can slide on our socks. We had a coach named Ben. He plays football. We had a warm up it was octopus. Then we practiced some skills like juggling with our legs and we had to kicking the ball with our legs .Then we had to get in a long line so ben can split us in five groups.I was in number 2 . Next we had to put the green bands on. It was me , owen,juliet,shaitan and Kyan. After that we had to go to our goals so we can play teams vs teams. We vs the yellow team first then we had to change teams so we went to vs the blue team. So we went to them .We won them from 2 points it was hard because the balls always goes out of bounds it was so fun.

Friday, 14 June 2013

this is my mihi

ARCO whale

once there live a ARCO named nick. he was a very hungry ARCO and he saw a group of emperor penguin so he said “i am hungry “ to his self so he wanted to eat them but he wanted some friends to play with him .So he went to look for other penguin so he went to get some other penguin to eat . then he came back to play with them but he was still hungry then he went to find more penguin s so he went to find some . But he didn't found some penguin’s so he went to get some fish in the cold icy water. then he went back to his friend to play . then went play with them but the emperor penguins so they ran away then he said “i won’t hurt you “ he said so they came back to play with him .

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

we where reading a book called pet day problem.this my picture of mine. why Josh couldn't have these as pets?because tuatara are endangered,snakes are not in New Zealand only if the are in a special zoo and tarantulas have fur.

Monday, 10 June 2013

the builder pet.

Once upon a time there was a builder  named Archie and  it was his first day at his new work.At morning tea he sat down and ate his sandwich,then  a strange kitten  was sitting next to him on his lunch box .After that he went back  home . When he went to go and get his  tool belt  at the back boots he saw the kitten  in the nail box .Then he said “go to your home” but the kitten didn't
went home so he bought the kitten and  fed the kitten.And when he went to   he didn't went to sleep because he was thing to take the kitten to SPCA. but the next morning he felt sorry  for the kitten so he kept it ..