Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Battle

This week for reading my group has been doing a text could the Battle it is a text that is about dancing and about being a gangster. Here is the presentation of what we have been doing for reading.

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Amazing Parkour ,Death Race

In writing we have been learning about creative writing here is what I have done for my creative writing.

The amazing parkour death battle.

On a sunny day there was these boys named Lorenzo,David,Johnlee,Matiu,Zane,Owen and John amour. They were boys that had the gift to do parkour ,they didn’t know each other ,one of them was related to Lorenzo, There was this day when lorenzo’s coach called him in. Lorenzo was a boy that always had his hair slicked back ,he is 19 years old and has only one person in his life ,and is his little brother Zane he was 14 years old .  Lorenzo’s coach told him that

“there is something going down on the street”.

“What is it” lorenzo said, in a tired voice.  

Coach-“ it is a parkour race championship”

lorenzo-“When is it”

Coach-“It is tomorrow in the morning” .

As lorenzo walked to his safe house he came pass Matiu and Owen ,they were also training for the parkour championship. Once they saw Lorenzo ,they asked him if he wanted to join them and train with them..

Lorenzo said “yo”in a exciting voice.

The next day on his way to the championship day he drop by and picked up matiu and owen. Then on they went, on the way there they passed out. When they woke up lorenzo

said”where are we”

Then matiu and owen woke up and looked around, There were 6 people in there that include lorenzo,Matiu and owen. There was a boy named david the person that was going to participat, John amour another person that was also going to participate and Johnlee the champion of the first parkour competition .

Then a screen that came up with this man known as the Parkour hunter. He said in a creepy voice

”you have to parkour for your life”

They all got released and then..........

To be continued  

Thursday, 16 June 2016


For reading we have been learning about what is matariki and what happens on matariki day here is what my group have been doing.

Monday, 13 June 2016

It Helps To Have A Hero.

For read we have a, task to do with superhero not real superhero your own super. like a example my dad is my hero, here is what my group have been doing.


For writing we had this cool task to do we had to make up our own poems
here is my poems.