Tuesday, 29 July 2014

All about my holiday.

In writing we have been writing about our holiday.

In the holiday I went to my cousin house  we played on my cousin PS3 we played Mine craft,Lego Batman and All Star’s.

Then we  had a feed  we  had  Takeaway,Doughnut and barbecue . After  we ate we played on the mini ipad me and my cousin was playing  injustice. We  were  play fighting on the  trampoline .Next we  had to  read book when we are finish  playing .

We played on the road we played rugby I play with my cousin Aj and Niki we got 5 goals we  vs Aj’s friends. Then we had to go and  clean the dishes. When we were finish we  went   on the  computer me and my cousin play two player’s  it was called Escape jail.

I felt very happy that I played with my cousins.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sunk by a whale.

                  moby dick

In 1820 there were a ship that was called The Essex it was a boat that was hunting for whales in the Pacific Ocean. The captain was killing a whale and  it was 32 metres  long the captain and the crews was trying to  kill the whale but  it was nouse . Then the whale got away with captain Ahab Leg and had to replace a whale bone for captain Ahab leg.

Then captain Ahab went back to kill moby dick .It  took for 3 Months to look for the whale .Finally they found the whale and tried and tried to kill it but it was too strong.Suddenly the whale it  head two time’s and the ship sunk. Also captain Ahab went down with the whale because it was trapped on the whale with the rope. There were 20 people that survived.

The crews was get hungry but they had no food to eat. One of the crew     did something wrong the youngest owen coffin got shoten and the crew started to eat him because there were no food to eat.