Wednesday, 22 May 2013

this is what i did it is called the visit to muriwai

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Whales in Antarctica

Some whales have teeth and some don't. Baby whales are called calves. A male whale is called a bull. Whales lives in the ocean.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my snowman

1. Find three words in the story that tell you that it is winter
snow icicles white
2. How was nana saving energy?because  going in the middle of the road

3. Why did nan say that it was ok to make a snowman in the middle of the road? because there are no cars coming

4. What did the police car have on it’s wheels to help it drive through the snow? chains

5. Why were the children worried when they saw the police car? because they think that they're going to get in trouble

6. What did the policeman give to nan and the children? to put the carrot  on the snow man

once upon a time there lived a  girl and boy that lived with  Their
nan their name was  tamen  and alyssa. then they had to go for a walk  so nan said  put your  warm clothes because it was snowing out side then they went for a walk they went for a walk because nan was so boring.
then they were getting boring  then then tamen said ‘can we go out of the gates”and nana said “why ‘then tamen said” so we can make a snowman”so they  went in the middle of the road because there were no cars coming because the road is closed then  they

Friday, 10 May 2013

psi assemberly

on monday we had psi assembly for term 2.It was windy and raining . We had to sit down and watch. It was about investigates  some teachers was act about psi’  miss lavakula  was a penguin .

there was lots of teams that had to go up but it was only teachers that had to do the things that is about psi when team 4 came on they were talking about antarctica . Then they had to get three people so they can have a challenge it was funny because this boy was say funny stuff.

ImmersionT2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

special visitor

Introducing WillIAm from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
in this mornning we had assmbely in the hall there was a special visitor coming  it was and he came becaues he give a large  cheque it was 100.000.00 for Manaiakalani.

then he was talking about his family and him that there were poor and he said that his mum had no jobs and he did not see his dad then we song a song to him then  Manaiakalani came and stand in front of us so can give the 100.000.00 then the kakpa waka be fromed there show to the vistor and hip hop.

i was happy and sore at the same time. it was cool.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

my April may holiyday

In the holidays I went to a Cook Island show. It was cool me and my cousins got  some  money for dancing then we went to change we had a good night. After that we went to my cousins place and me and my cousins played on his Ipad.  We played IIron Man 3 it was so cool then we went to the ice cream shop.We got some ice cream it was nice for one ice cream it was for 50 cent.  

On  saturday we went to drum we were drumming cook Island so we can get some money for our group. It started to rain then we went home then  we went to  watch tv we watch the battle of Los Angeles it was cool.

On sunday we went to the Morrin road markets. I had $25 so I bought this can that had speakers  in and played music out of it was cool then we went to the movies to watch iron man 3 it was loud and my ears were getting sore there was lots of iron mans .Then we went back home it was fun then we went to sleep.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rugby league lesson

On the field room 13 were having a rugby league  lesson. the  coach’s name is  james  we had to  learn to draw and pass the ball to the person next to us. Then we were playing benji says we had to do the thing he says we had to make a circle so we can run around the circle.

then we played octopus with the ball. there were two people in the middle they had to tag us.On the side and if you get tagged you had to  stay where you got tagged and you had to stand like a octopus. It was cool as .

after that we were playing  passing back to the person at the back of us we  had to run  and  pass the ball back to the person at the back of room 13 kids. then we played defending and attacking  the people that  was attacking they have to try and get a  score . The people that had to defend they had to tag them before  they get a try .  It was cool today.

RL Passing Back from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.